Welcome New ESUMC Lay Leaders!


In worship on Sunday 14 April, our newest class of lay persons was installed into positions of congregational leadership.

In worship on Sunday 14 April, we formally installed a slate of ESUMC lay members to positions of congregational leadership.

Many of these lay members were re-elected to positions in which they already serve, and we are thankful for their continued service.

The following members have been elected for the first time to serve in leadership positions: Barbara Gibson, Victoria Sseruwagi, Amelie Haslinger, Ricardo Valente, and Mark Smyth. We welcome these persons who are newly offering their gifts to the leadership of our congregation.

And in our worship service, we also gave thanks to members who have faithfully served for the past years, and whose terms of service have now ended:  Paulina Analena, Shelley Brauneis, Andre Dimailig, Kofi Amartey Mensah, John Mikulski, Martin Schulzer, and Sigrid Schulzer-Anusie.

Here is the complete list of ESUMC members who have been elected and installed to church committee membership for the period 2024-2028:

Church Council

Doreen Ighama, Chairperson and Lay Leader

Simone Viljoen, Lay Delegate to Annual Conference

Adetokunbo Aganga-Williams, Pastor Parish Relations Cmte. Chair

Delia Viljoen, Finance Committee Chairperson

Franz Haslinger, Treasurer

Lorraine Welch-Haslinger, Worship Coordinator

Marilyn Brandl, Music Coordinator

Shelley Brauneis, Christian Education Coordinator

David and Connie Lee, Hospitality Coordinators

Noussi Zahraman, Youth Coordinator

Barbara Gibson, Missions Coordinator

Victoria Sseruwagi, Young Adult/Youth Representative

Pastor John Calhoun, Nominations and Joint Board Chairperson


Committee on Pastor Parish Relations

Chairperson: Adetokunbo Aganga-Williams

Members: Doreen Ighama, Simone Viljoen, Kit Leung-Rogner, Olivia Haslinger, Pastor John Calhoun


Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development

Chairperson: Pastor John Calhoun

Members: Doreen Ighama, Jerry Barton, Andrew Stones, Amelie Haslinger


Committee on Finance

Chairperson: Delia Viljoen

Members: Franz Haslinger, Doreen Ighama, Simone Viljoen, Adetokunbo Aganga-Williams, John Kojo Ampia-Addison, Pavel Nikulin, Ricardo Valente, Mark Smyth, Pastor John Calhoun


Joint Board on Property

Chairperson: Pastor John Calhoun

Members: Wilfried Scherer, John Kojo Ampia-Addison

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