ESUMC Commits to Creation Care


At its October 2023 meeting, the ESUMC Church Council unanimously passed a commitment to care for God's creation.

Our Commitment to Creation Care

We, as United Methodists, are called by our faith to stewardship and care for God's Creation. Our commitment to Creation Care is deeply rooted in our understanding of God's love for all God's Creation and our responsibility to preserve and protect it.

In light of the pressing climate crisis, we recognize the urgent need to take intentional and collective action to mitigate the adverse impacts on our environment. By caring for the Earth, we embody our love for God and all God's children, contributing toward a more sustainable and just world for future generations.

We, ESUMC Vienna, a congregation united in this shared commitment to Creation Care, embrace our role as faithful stewards and advocate for responsible actions that honor God's abundant gifts and love.

Signed, ESUMC in Vienna Church Council

25 October 2023

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